Need a quick color grade or audio mix? Only want a first cut? We've got you covered.


Is culling footage giving you the blues? Do your project files end up looking as organized as a tween’s bedroom? If you enjoy the down and dirty creative process of editing, but worry about assets falling through the cracks, our Rough Cut-Only option will set you up to do what you do best.



For when you just need a nudge to get your creative juices flowing. With no revision phases included, we can quickly set you on the path toward a polished and refined edit that you’ve had a personal hand in taking to completion. Plus, there’s always the option to expand to the full scope of work!



Sometimes it’s nice to just put the finishing touches on a project. Or if audio mixing is more your bag, then you can choose to keep either or both of these processes in-house. Whether or not you edit using Premiere, FCPX, FCP7, or Sony Vegas, we’ve got plenty of solutions for this limited scope of work.



Did you know that 1 in every 12 men is colorblind in some way? There’s probably a statistic for hearing problems too. If you find that’s you, or you’re just not fulfilled by color grading or audio mixing, we can take these tasks off your plate and help you focus on the parts of the process that bring you the most joy!



If you want your projects to have some pop and pizzaz, but don’t have the time to become an After Effects guru, we’re happy to brainstorm about any graphics/VFX you’re interested in. From logo animations you’d like to incorporate into all of your videos and branding, to titles and names for a specific couple or project, we’re excited to talk about it all!


Still not sure which option is right for you? We're happy to help you figure it out.